Our Story

NIVA is a Canadian fashion label that was established in 2020, a time when the global fashion market was in a slumber. The brand was created with the intention of giving back to society while promoting the values of empowerment, community, and craftsmanship.

It all began with the simple idea of giving back. Niva, a thoughtful and a compassionate mother, had always been passionate about helping others.

One chilly night, as she was strolling down the street with her family, she noticed a less fortunate man trembling from the cold. She dashed into a store to buy him a coat to keep him warm. This experience inspired Niva to think about all the other people she could help.

Her son, who had witnessed his mother's act of kindness, was inspired to carry on her legacy of helping others. Together, they founded the Niva Fashion House, with the goal of using fashion as a means to give back to the community and make a positive impact in the world. Every time a piece is sold, Niva is committed to giving a portion of the proceeds to a charity to help as many deserving individuals as she can.

Niva is changing the world one step at a time.