About Us

Founded in 2020 by Ahmed El Dakroury, NIVA Fashion House is a luxury womenswear fashion brand. NIVA is proudly made in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), strongly inspired by art and elements of unique aesthetics. Dakroury reimagines and interprets its artisanal techniques and incorporates them into unthinkable and modern silhouettes.

NIVA stands uniquely as a womenswear apparel and retailer, with pieces ranging from statement ready-to-wear to bespoke haute couture creations. Our designs are innovative and avant-garde for the bold, confident, and adventurous woman who appreciates intricate details, a fusion of color and culture, and a fit that is flattering yet comfortable.

Our mission is more than just creating clothes; it's a unique experience designed to complement the extraordinary personality of the woman who wears her.

Our Story

One cold night, Niva was walking down the street when she saw a less fortunate man shivering from the cold on the pavement. She ran across the street to buy a jacket from the store and gave it to him. A thought provoked in her mind to become a
continuing source of inspiration and accountability,

Niva FH is a Canadian Brand made in UAE whose mission to make the less fortunate worldwide a little warmer. Each time a clothing item is purchased, the company will donate a part of its profit focusing on combating poverty to stand in solidarity with those in need. We vow to use our platform and our privilege to amplify people that deserve our help with your support.