Runway Set Ablaze with Niva Spring Summer 2023 Collection in Catwalk International Dubai

Runway Set Ablaze with Niva Spring Summer 2023 Collection in Catwalk International Dubai

In an event organized by Catwalk International Dubai, Niva Fashion House set the runway on fire with their latest Fall Winter 2023 collection in Dubai on Friday 16, December 2022.

Catwalk International Dubai is a renowned boutique fashion show series platform in UAE featuring creations from various artists, designers, and fashion houses. The organization acts as a hub for new and upcoming sustainable brands in the UAE. At the event, shoppers got a glance at the compelling, distinct lifestyle brands while enjoying a chance to interact with the brands and their representatives. 

Luxury Niva Fashion House

There were several brands and designers were showcased through the catwalk session. The judges’ panel especially applauded Niva’s presence on the runway. Professor Taha Duri, Deen of The College of Design (CDES) at The American University (AUE), specifically mentioned Niva as a luxury brand to reckon with. The special mention of Niva put the limelight on the brand, Niva spokesperson and CEO also spoke at the event.

Addressing the panel Niva spoke of creating an impact in the community “My inspiration for Niva came from real life instance of kindness that occurred in past, this is the reason Niva is pledged to donate to the party of the profit ” – CEO, Ahmed El Dakroury.

He also quoted “we are aware fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. But we take care of the environment by creating timeless pieces handcrafted with love & care and limited to 24 pieces. At Niva, we believe timeless quality clothing is the solution for fashion industry pollution.”

The House of Niva is a Canadian brand that is designed and crafted in UAE, Dubai. The fashion house is relatively new as it had been started in 2020. Niva has grown over the years and has made quite a buzz with its contemporary sense of style, experimentation, and comfortable ready-to-wear luxury apparel. The brand is fast becoming a go-to designer brand among social media influencers across Dubai’s fashion circle. The brand’s motto is to deliver a shopping journey where consumers spend and purchase and spend on products they resonate with and feel noble about.


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