Giving back to the community; NIVA’s CSR initiative that is fighting poverty across the globe

Giving back to the community; NIVA’s CSR initiative that is fighting poverty across the globe

The phrase "corporate social responsibility" (CSR) refers to how a business gives back to or enhances the community. CSR can be demonstrated by businesses in a variety of ways, such as through employee volunteering, charitable donations, environmentally friendly production methods, and ethical hiring procedures. NIVA chose to do this by donating a part of its profits to those fighting poverty. 

Women and Children are the worst affected due to global poverty

According to the World Bank, 689 million people, or 9.2% of the world's population, live in extreme poverty for less than $1.90 a day. As of 2019, 34 million Americans, or 10.5% of the population, live in poverty. Around 1 billion children worldwide are multi-dimensionally poor, which means they lack needs like clean water and food. Due to COVID-19, an additional 100 million children are now living in multidimensional poverty. 356 million kids are thought to be living in extreme poverty.

Making an impact

Children who are poor are more likely to die before the age of five, suffer from stunted growth due to starvation, miss school, be pushed into child labor or early marriage, and give birth to children when they are still young

How is NIVA’s CSR initiative changing lives? 

At NIVA we have always wanted to center our brand around our community. From the inception of the brand and its collections to production and sales, we make every decision by keeping in mind our customers and our community. 

We know that our customers love and chose NIVA not just because of the quality we offer but also because of the fact that NIVA has been actively seeking to help empower vulnerable communities around the world. The reason we at NIVA are so passionate about fighting global poverty is that poverty drives a never-ending cycle of misery. If a family is fighting just to put a single meal on the table throughout the day, they will never be able to escape this vicious cycle and have a chance to make their lives better. 

Niva Giving Back

At NIVA we want to empower communities to break free from this cycle that leads to child labor, early marriages, infant mortality, domestic violence, and lack of education amongst a list of other problems. 

Every purchase made at NIVA; a part of it is donated to our fund that goes directly to initiatives that are fighting global poverty. We are positive that together we can make a powerful impact on the life of those who deserve our attention the most.

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