2023 Fashion Trends: What To Wear With Knee High Boots?

2023 Fashion Trends: What To Wear With Knee High Boots?


Have you not asked this question yourself a hundred different times?
That is one classic question we get often asked too. So we have found some awesome outfit inspirations which will work like a charm with knee-high boots even if winter is gone for good!

Knee-high boots slipped on with a cardigan and skin tights are a staple look that works most of the winter with almost everyone. But transitioning through seasons with long boots can get quite tricky as there remains a thin line from looking stylish to sloppy with just a few details gone wrong.
So here is a thorough guide that will solve your knee-high long boot issues through the year-long transition. Read on.

Knit Dress

Luxury Knit Dress - Niva Fashion House

Knit dresses will be a kill for the fashion favorites of 2023. They are versatile, sophisticated, super stylish, and comfortable. From vibrant shades to toned-down muted ones, knit dresses in any length will fly off the shelves like hot cake. What is more, knit dresses and baggy sweaters look extra chic with knee-length boots. If this has yet to convince you to grab one for yourself this season, you are missing much.
If I could sniff one, I would dig down my grandma’s closet for it if I had to!

Midis and Maxies

Luxury Midis - Niva Fashion House

As the temperature drops, longer silhouettes like middies and maxis that skim through the ankle or go even beyond are replacing the micro-minis, and we thank god for it. Sizzling and all is cool, but braving the nipping cold in a mini is a celestial job; we mortals are too shy to try this trend when the temperature falls to minus. Leathers, satins, twill, denim, and suits are preferred options as they are structured and lend a timeless look. Also, look out for straighter silhouettes rather than flouncy frilly ones, as they minimize the top choices.

Jeans and Leggings

 Luxury Jean And Leggings - Niva Fashion House

Although days for skinny jeans are passé, it is time to embrace a more relaxed look, but if you are all game for knee-length boots then tighter, more skin-kissing versions are a good option. Leggings, on the other hand, to do the same job just as effortlessly as denim do.


Luxury Jackets Niva Fashion House

Jackets are a winter essential, and when they get paired with knee-high boots, the overall ensemble turns less casual and more exciting. There is a huge variety of jackets. One can lay a hand on off the racks. To keep a timeless appearance, go for leather ones, although puffer jackets look just as cool and comfy as their other counterparts.


Luxury Long Coats - Niva Fashion House

No one can deny that a classic coat looks exciting and fun with knee-high boots. So let’s reinstate that knee-high boots with long cardigans, coats, and a trench is a look that leaves one high on dopamine. Frosty winter mornings call out for long coats and knee-high boots, and a hot cup of coffee, a combination made to last for years.


Luxury Blazer - Niva Fashion House

Blazers are made to look professional and polished, yet they go well with knee highs just as smoothly as the clothing combinations mentioned above. So pack some action with a chequered or structured blazer, a tucked-in t-shirt, leggings for the record, and knee-high boots, and maybe add some waves to your hair for that extra look.

Summer dresses

Short summer dresses or longer ones with slits look extra stylish with knee-high boots. The ethereal romance of a summer dress is elevated when it is combined with knee highs. Although short ankle ones or Chelsea boots are ruling the ramp this season as they elongate your legs when paired with short dresses. Take your pick wisely.

Faux Fur 

 Luxury Faux Fur - Niva Fashion House

Functional and fashionable faux furs are also showing no sign of slowing down this winter. Luxury winter apparel is all fussed up with fluffy furs and teddy bear options for kids as much as adults. Since we will spend the season bundled up, we might as well look stylish doing that.

What say?

But that’s not why we are here, high boots look gorgeous with furs, and everyone seconds that opinion, including the designers and influencers trending on the street fashion lookbooks.

Knee-high boots can be tricky, especially when one wants to go through transitioning seasons. The trick is to dress season appropriately, and the styling looks effortless and super charged with action and energy without making one look sloppy or blotched.

Note- Remember, high boots in neutral shades are easy to pair with most outfits, but bolder colors and shinier materials get trickier by the day. With such, make sure your outfit is muted and neutral so it should pop but does not look like you tried too hard to get noticed!

 Make wise selections when it comes to your sartorial choices, and take help from the lookbook we have shared.

If your knee-high-long-boot moment was a killer, share with us. Niva likes to keep your fashion statement updated and foolproof. Visit the Niva store online at www.nivafh.com for an exclusive look at the fun and exciting tête-à-tête with luxury fashion and haute couture.

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