Top 10 Wardrobe Essentials for Women – Everything a Woman Needs!

Top 10 Wardrobe Essentials for Women – Everything a Woman Needs!

Have you ever landed in a fashion fix where you get stuck and feel you have nothing to wear despite a closet gurgling with clothes? 

Let’s confess, we all have been there at some point. The solution to this eternal wardrobe essentials problem is not overhauling a wardrobe. 

Is to invest in essentials that are timeless and elegant and save you from a random Monday morning fashion fail day!

We are going to spill the beans here. Some of the best-kept secrets of the fashion world, which will make you a celebrity overnight with your sartorial perfection, are on your way to getting dished out. 

NOTE- Invest in these items if you want a no-fail garment every time, or if you already have any, dust them off and put them to use because now is the time!

Pick number 1–Relaxed Denim.

Wardrobe  Essentials for 2023

Denim is a forever essential, and I can scream out loud, stating this fact all day long. A classic silhouette, high waist, and straight-leg pair are chic ways to look together. Match any blouse, shirt, or top for the needed effect, add the pumps, or go for dad shoes, and Voila, there you are. 

Pick Number 2–Statement Blazer

Elegant Blazer

A tailored blazer is where you get all the fireworks done in your wardrobe. Want to pull off an outfit? Need a warm substitute for cold night outs. What about throwing over a dressy dress? The answer to all these can be a great blazer. 

Pick number 3 - Midi Dress

Elegant Midi Dresses

Looking for the most versatile wardrobe essential, then a midi is what you need to go high on. The calf-length is perfect for casual activities and still suitable for formal events. A classic shirtdress, a flowing breezy dress, or a body-con silhouette in bold or primal prints or plain solids, with or without slits in the fabric of choice, a midi keeps the wardrobe put together for lazy days. 

Pick Number 4 - Leather

Have you had a leather update lately? 

If not, now is the time. Nothing beats the chic sensuality leather brings to the table. There are numerous options available if you are not comfortable with leather tights. 

Designer Leather Jacket

In fact, invest in a jacket, a blazer, or buttoned-up trousers with a relaxed silhouette for a classy ensemble. Fringes look great if tasseled leather statement pieces are your thing. On the other hand, if leather clothing doesn’t hit your bill, go for a sleek handbag with bidding or fringes, whatever floats your boat. 

Pick number 5- Tailored Pants 

Designer Pants From Niva Fashion House

Tailored pants in neutral shades are a wardrobe staple one must never give up on. So invest in a good pair of pants in neutral shades and earthy tones, white, beige, black, or all if you must, considering how often you need them. And if you must, go for a matching blazer, which creates a polished look and is super professional attire perfect for formal events and occasions.  

Pick number 6 – Blouses

Designers Top & Blouses

Dainty, feminine, and elegant blouses that are versatile and match up with pants or any skirt length- pencil or flared are a must-have wardrobe essential. There are various fabrics and materials t choose from in silk, chiffon, cotton, lace, mesh, or jersey. A classy top is either meant to be dressy, simple, subtle or just make a statement with it that works up the mood. Look out for flattering cuts, designs, and details to suit your personal style and image.

Pick number 8 – Shades

Designers Shades

If you are still not a fan of a nice pair of sunglasses, you are missing out on life big time! 

There are myriads of options, chunky, oversized, and funky. But you better look for those that flatter your facial features instead of those that are trendy one-time wear and then go down the closet for the rest of their lifeline. 

Glasses should be practically farmed so as not to look too much; if so, ditch them already and get some smart pair now. 

Pick Number 9 – Scarves

Designer's Scarves

No, scarves are not for modest ones only. Instead, a scarf is an iconic accessory or a statement piece that can be worn with several outfits and elevate the whole look. 

From pain solids to bold prints, knitted glory, or silk allure, anything can give your outfit a facelift when matched with a scarf that gels well with the tonality of your apparel. Niva has some amazing options which will leave you awestruck with their colors and prints. Check them out here.

Pick Number 10 - Gold Jewellery 

Gold Jewellery

Gold jewelry has been a constant dominant in fashion alleys forever. We don’t recommend overdoing the gold trend like an over-accessorized one. Gold trinkets, studs, rings, chains, or bracelets are an elegant way to put together an outfit for any occasion or event. But invest in a few dainty jewelry pieces or bolder ones, whichever clicks your fancy and lasts forever. 

These wardrobe essentials are for women of every age, shape, size, and skin tone. Grab these wardrobe essentials before committing another disaster. 

Before you go, share with us your wardrobe woes in the comment section, or hit the mailbox. How did you set a higher standard with your dressing game on point? 

Share your story or contact us if you want customized advice. Our fashion editors always have some excellent advice and suggestions up their sleeves!


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