NIVA; timeless designs and unbeatable quality

NIVA; timeless designs and unbeatable quality

Consumers want—and can increasingly afford—new clothing after only a few wears in a world where the demand for clothing is growing. "fast fashion" aims to deliver items to consumers swiftly and affordably by shortening the fashion cycle.

NIVA Fashion House; established in 2020 aims to break this cycle and give consumers a chance to experience the luxury that will last through the decades. The founder, Ahmed El Dakroury aims to blend modern cuts with traditional Arabic embroideries and extravagant quality. 

Ahmed also emphasizes that the clothing is made in UAE, which allows them to be extra meticulous about the final product's quality and the design process itself. 

Home Grown Brand UAE

Why Choose NIVA: 

According to the Ellen McArthur Foundation, higher per capita sales in developed nations and a worldwide expansion in the middle class have caused garment manufacturing to nearly double in the previous 15 years. Even more demand for apparel is anticipated by 2050, when the global GDP is projected to grow by 400 percent.

Fast fashion is made in developing nations with few labor regulations and no respect for human rights, where 97 percent of it is created. There is evidence that the fashion industry uses child and forced labor in nations including Bangladesh, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Turkey, and Vietnam (US Department of Labor).

The “NIVA” revolution: 

NIVA aims to disrupt this cycle. A home-grown brand committed to producing quality clothes and focusing more on delivering exquisite experiences to women for any occasion. NIVA is also committed to giving back. With every purchase made, a donation is made to those that are most vulnerable in society.

Ahmed El Dakroury - Niva Fashion House

As mentioned above, NIVA is a brand that is proudly made in UAE which is why it is loved by its customers. Outsourcing adds to the environmental impact and allows extreme exploitation of the resources and labor involved. The only real solution lies in incorporating innovation in the design and production of clothes and creating quality that withstands the test of time. Quality clothing will not only last but instead of being thrown away or discarded is kept and valued to be handed down to generations to come. This is the core focus at NIVA. Producing high-quality clothes that don’t break the bank either.

Creating moments for a lifetime:

Most of us are familiar with the joy of raiding our mother’s closest and adorning their heirlooms while drooling over the exquisite details and lavish quality; NIVA aims to replicate this joy and experience for every woman for generations to come! Our aim is to create designs and craft clothes that will go down memory lane as moments where you looked and felt your absolute best. 

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